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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a mix of practices and philosophies that allow rapid innovation. Your company can use this method to serve customers better and deliver applications that work even when you update them. However, it can take some time to implement, especially while replacing an existing system.
DevOps typically employs several practices like continuous integration and delivery to speed up how fast something can be done. With these practices, teams that traditionally do not talk regularly interact to create a better product.

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The Power of the Cloud and DevOps

DevOps functions well in a cloud services environment. In fact, most of the big cloud service providers offer application development already, so adding it only makes them more efficient compared to traditional options.
With cloud services, your team can collaborate with us from anywhere in the world in real-time. It’s an infinitely scalable solution that allows you the flexibility you need to help your company thrive. Cloud services change the game.

DevOps from DEOP

DEOP offers expertise in all areas of DevOps, from implementing the philosophy to adding experts to your team when you need them. DEOP delivers the experience you want to grow your company and deliver on your brand promise.
We work in:


Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)




Continuous Integration

With continuous development, all code is regularly merged into a central repository. Using this repository, automated tests and builds occur. DEOP uses this repository to improve software quality, create improvements faster, and fix bugs rapidly.


Continuous Delivery

DEOP also excels with the continuous delivery principle of DevOps. This principle means new code for your project is automatically built, tested, and prepared, which cuts down on the time between releases. It also means that you never need to wait for a workable product after the initial build.



Microservices are a unique option to build an app if you only need a single function. You can also use them as a series of functions to create a single application. If this is how you would like to construct your application, the DEOP team can help.

Taking the Next Step

With DEOP, DevOps has never been more straightforward. When you choose DEOP, you can achieve the applications you want faster, more reliably, and with higher quality. Contact us today to discuss your project and get started on the application you need.

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