Cloud Services

The Future is Here

The Ubiquity of the Cloud

The cloud is everywhere today, from data storage to running applications. For companies, cloud services are a practical option to expand their resources without any sunk costs. Not using the IaaS or self-hosted cloud option to reduce infrastructure costs and mitigate potential disasters is no longer an option.

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Benefits of Cloud Services

Cloud services cover a broad range of options. For example, your business can choose something simple like cloud backups or more complex like cloud systems and only pays for the computer resources it uses.


Decreased downtime for maintenance


Increased resource availability when needed


Flexible pricing


Disaster resistant infrastructure


Access systems from anywhere


Increased security protocols

How DEOP Can Help

DEOP’s team is full of experts on the top cloud service platforms available. Our experts can help you migrate to the cloud, optimize your cloud use, develop applications, and more. Plus, since we handle the technical aspects, you can focus on what you do best, running your business or department.
We’re experts with:


Amazon Web Services (AWS Partner)


Azure (Partner)


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Our Cloud Services


Cloud Migration

Often, moving to cloud services is intimidating. You must move all the necessary data, set up new systems, figure out access controls, and more to make it happen. DEOP takes all of these tasks and delivers the functional result you need without the hassles using our signature migration process.


Cloud Optimization

Most companies use the cloud for some of their services, even if it was marketed as a software program. Over time, this can lead to a disjointed mix of programs, public cloud, and private cloud services. With DEOP, you can configure and streamline all aspects of your operation as well as minimize your costs.


Cloud Auditing

Periodic audits are a necessity in any industry, and your cloud services are no exception. Auditing with DEOP means we check your cloud architecture and data for vulnerabilities, risks, and general compliance so you can keep working with ease.


Cloud Security

While many cloud services provide their own security, an additional layer around your company can only help you. DEOP delivers the policies and technologies you need to fight the next generation of hackers who want your company’s data.

The Next Step with the Cloud

The cloud can be incredibly beneficial to your business, no matter your niche. DEOP is here to help you implement and maintain this tool so that you can focus on what your company does best, not the technical details.

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