About DEOP

Cloud Services That Make a Difference.
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to start small, look back, and realize how many people you've helped along the way? That is what happened with DEOP and our fantastic team of professionals.

The DEOP Story

DEOP began with Erol Kavas. Erol had experience working with several of the big cloud software applications, and he made a difference wherever he worked. However, Erol thought he could do more with his experience.
Erol formed the small initial team that would become the center of DEOP and started working towards gaining industry recognition in cloud services. While this took some time, eventually, DEOP gained a reputation in North America.
Today, DEOP serves the North American market, where our effective DevOps teams and amazing people make an enormous difference. Our experience transitioning to the cloud and developing unique solutions ensures that our clients have an easy cloud transition from start to finish.
DEOP specializes in migration, DevOps, and training around Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. We develop and train the perfect solution for every company's unique needs.

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Our Company Values

Precision – We believe that the cloud, no matter what it's used for, improves with precision. Our solutions are tailored and meant to handle the exact client requirements.

Passion – We're passionate about helping companies move forward, catch up, and reach their full potential. Our passion translates to every project we do.

Ingenuity – The solutions are available, but ingenuity is necessary to create the perfect option for each client presently and for the future they envision for the company.

Change – Being in business makes change necessary for our clients and ourselves as a matter of course. Embracing the change in technology and practice helps us deliver what's needed.


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Meet the Mission

We help businesses harness the possibilities of the various aspects of cloud technology and applications to improve their efficiency, profit margins, and more. We do this through seamless migration and development processes that uniquely match the clients we serve.

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Our Team

Without our team, DEOP could not exist. These amazing people ensure that the company can serve our clients every day.

Mihrimah Kavas
Erol Kavas
Principal Consultant
Oguzhan Tekin
Head of Operations
Baris Kagan
Head of Delivery
Umit Ilhan
Lead Developer

Our Partners