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Cloud Services That Make a Difference.
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to start small, look back, and realize how many people you've helped along the way? That is what happened with DEOP and our fantastic team of professionals.

The DEOP Story

DEOP, the innovative force in the dynamic world of cloud services! A team of talented visionaries with a passion for making a difference formed DEOP to redefine cloud computing without relying on a singular individual.
With years of experience, DEOP's founding members knew they could create something extraordinary. Their dedication paid off as they quickly gained recognition in the North American market, earning a reputation for excellence.
Businesses found solace in DEOP's effective DevOps teams, making the cloud transition a breeze. From inception to implementation, DEOP's unique solutions ensured a seamless cloud journey for every company they served.
Specializing in migration, DevOps, and training across leading cloud platforms, DEOP tailored solutions to meet diverse needs. Customers were drawn to their exceptional services and personalized approach, propelling their reach beyond North America through word of mouth.
As DEOP's network of satisfied customers grew, so did their success stories, showcasing how they empowered businesses in the cloud-driven world. From startups to established enterprises, DEOP's unwavering commitment transformed challenges into opportunities.
DEOP's tale is not just about individuals but a united team with shared vision and passion. They became the go-to choice for businesses seeking a partner on their cloud journey.
The saga of DEOP continues, inspiring countless businesses towards a brighter, more innovative cloud-powered future. Embrace the power of DEOP and unlock your potential in the cloud!

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Our Company Values

Precision – We believe that the cloud, no matter what it's used for, improves with precision. Our solutions are tailored and meant to handle the exact client requirements.

Passion – We're passionate about helping companies move forward, catch up, and reach their full potential. Our passion translates to every project we do.

Ingenuity – The solutions are available, but ingenuity is necessary to create the perfect option for each client presently and for the future they envision for the company.

Change – Being in business makes change necessary for our clients and ourselves as a matter of course. Embracing the change in technology and practice helps us deliver what's needed.


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Meet the Mission

We help businesses harness the possibilities of the various aspects of cloud technology and applications to improve their efficiency, profit margins, and more. We do this through seamless migration and development processes that uniquely match the clients we serve.

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Our Team

Without our team, DEOP could not exist. These amazing people ensure that the company can serve our clients every day.

Mihrimah Kavas
Umit Ilhan
Lead Developer
Esad Kavas
Jr. Cloud Engineer
Ramazan Atalay
Sr. Cloud Engineer
Oguzhan Aydogan
Cloud Engineer

Our Partners